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Discover The Amazing Power Of Point & Figure

Stock Charting

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  •  Free software for long-term point and figure charts of relative strength

  •  The system covers almost 5000 U.S. stocks and ADRs

  •  Charts are long-term - based on four years of price data

  •  Performance Alarm - Automatic warning when a stock starts to under-perform

  •  Software is sent to users on a DVD - daily data updates by email

  •  Daily updates include several computer screens to identify attractive stocks

  •  Regular reports

    •    Buylist

    •    Major bases for stocks in the S&P500, S&P400 and the S&P600 - monthly

    •    Long-term relative strength screens - best and worst

    •    Report that covers over 250 ETF charts - weekly 

    •    TPARC report - Trend analysis and evaluation on stocks with an analyst's rating change - click on second opinion tab above

    •    Industry and sub-group chart analysis with individual stock charts

    •     Investment ratings on stocks report - users request ratings by email - click of stock ratings tab above

  •  Users can easily set up watch lists and portfolio lists for review

  •  Charts of individual stocks can be saved easily for inclusion in reports and emails

  •  Learn long-term charting of relative strength - click on tutorial tab above

  •  Free book - Winning The Performance Game by W. Clay Allen CFA - click on the free book tab above

  •  Free trial subscription for three months - click on free DVD tab above

  •  Market Dynamics includes a weekly memo on investing and portfolio management - click on the weekly memos tab above

  •  Performance on the buylist for the past ten years - click on the performance tests tab above

  •  Market Dynamics provides a graphical system for measuring relative return versus risk for individual stocks to ensure improved portfolio performance

A couple of charts will show the difference between a stock with

a strong up trend and a stock with a strong downtrend.



There is a tremendous amount of material on this web site so take your time and be sure to use the tabs at the top and bottom of each page to view those pages

A sample copy of the TPARC report titled "Technical Perspectives on Analyst's Rating Changes"  report can be viewed by clicking on the blue link below

Wall Street analyst's change their investment ratings all the time.

Those rating changes are reported daily on the Internet.

Have you ever asked yourself, "What does the investment rating really mean?"

Buy - Sell - Hold - Neutral - Outperform - Under-perform - Market outperform - ???

You may want a second opinion before

you act - you might be surprised.

Technical Perspectives on Analyst's Rating Changes - 10-07-2011

You can print this report, save it, send it to a friend, customer, client or associate by e-mail by clicking on the FILE button on the upper left of your pdf screen


A free DVD with the Market Dynamics Software is available

The material on this DVD is being used by successful investors, stockbrokers, institutional portfolio managers, financial planners, investment advisors, bank trust officers, and hedge fund managers every day - from coast to coast. This DVD takes the mystery out of successful investment management with point and figure charts.

The DVD includes the following:

  • A free copy of my book “Winning The Performance Game” in pdf format (243 pages).

  • A complete collection of my weekly memos on stock selection and portfolio management from the past several years.

  • A full version of my Market Dynamics software for stocks and ETFs.

  • A full version of my Market Dynamics software for mutual funds.

  • A complete tutorial on how to use the Market Dynamics software.

  • A complete set (over 350) of my case studies covering actual investment opinions that demonstrate the effectiveness of the Market Dynamics approach to stock investing.

  • A complete set of my daily reports that provide an “Independent Second Opinion On Stocks”. These reports have been sent to investors since August 2005.

  • The free trial subscription includes daily stock data updates, screens to identify stocks with good performance, a report on ETFs and much, much more.

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Its all free and its all on the DVD!

Perfect for the independent investor

Also perfect for the independent investment advisor and independent stockbroker

If you request a DVD be sure to include your mailing address

Just send an email to with “request DVD” in the subject line.

 This DVD and software was originally developed for institutional portfolio managers but I am now making it available to interested individual investors as well. This software is currently being successfully applied by registered investment advisors, mutual fund managers, hedge fund managers stockbrokers, and financial planners - from coast to coast. 

Just send an email to with “request DVD” in the subject line. Be sure to include your mailing address or I won’t be able to mail the DVD.  I do not sell or release email addresses. There is no requirement to subscribe to the service.

I am a CFA with over forty years in the investment management business and this DVD is based on my experience and investment philosophy.  The DVD will only work on a PC type computer running Windows 98 and higher.  I developed the software for this system in the late 90’s and it has been working in the market ever since.

 There are no secret formulas that will produce guaranteed success at investing - but you can learn the rules of the game.

 My objective is to help you avoid being a “bag-holder” ever again.

 Please feel free to forward a link to this web site to your friends and associates.

 If you have time, please browse to the other pages on this web site and you will get a feel for the Market Dynamics no-nonsense performance oriented approach to stock market investing. 

 Best regards:

 W. Clay Allen CFA


Special offer from Market Dynamics - A three month free trial subscription is available.

Click on the following link - Free Trial subscription -

This independent research is directed to

individual long-term investors, institutional portfolio managers and stockbrokers.

The following link is to a copy of a Market Dynamics portfolio management essay from earlier this year. This letter is about the Random Walk and stocks. Click on the link to bring up the essay and it can be printed out or forwarded for circulation. This essay will almost certainly offend many followers of orthodox financial theories about stocks. My intent was not to offend my academic friends, but to get at the truth. Additional information about Market Dynamics can be viewed by clicking on a link below and jumping to that page.

W. Clay Allen CFA

Why The Random Walk Is Mostly Wrong, For Most Stocks!

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Case Histories Weekly Memos Free DVD Tutorial Free Book Investing Updates Stock Ratings Second Opinion ETF Report Random Walk is Wrong SUCKER 101 Institutional users successful investing Ignat's Law Better Performance Performance Tests Mutual Funds